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n the 18th of August, 1988 Mrs Nellie Ahmed Tanweer started Maria’s House of Children with only one child. Today Maria’s is one of the city’s fastest growing schools. It offers opportunities to both boys and girls in educational development. The school is run by the Maria’s Public Educational Trust, an organization duly registered under the Trust Act. The objective of the school is to provide an educational environment which will help its students to become useful, competent and conscious citizens of tomorrow.

Maria’s would very shortly start student exchange programmes with State University of New York, Oswego and Malta. It has opened its doors to 12 Canadian universities who would be enrolling high achieving students of Maria’s in their degree courses. The British Council recently conferred the International School Award for the period 2015-17. Maria’s has also been participating in the School to School Exchange Programme under the British Council and British Deputy High Commission.

At Maria’s teachers are aware that the needs of the society in the educational field are changing and that there is a growing emphasis on providing ‘Quality Education’ and preparing students with that cutting edge which enable them to cope with the challenges of the 21st century. While striving for values in education a wide range of activities are provided to enhance the students’ creative and aesthetic senses. A holistic development of the child is strived for through various activities incorporated in the wings like Quiz, Literary, MUN, Science and Eco clubs and music, dance and drama classes. The school considers it important to inculcate old classical values like basic honesty, good manners and discipline along with the new timely values of perseverance, determination, confidence, challenge, acceptance, adaptability, commitment etc.

Over the years students from Maria’s have qualified with ease to various public schools, premier institutions all over the country and abroad for higher studies. Former Marian’s are now well placed carving a niche for them in the competitive world. At the formative stage special care is taken by trained teachers to foster the natural development of the children and encourage the growth of body and mind in a healthy surrounding. Audio-visual aids are extensively used and children are encouraged to express themselves. They draw and learn through pictures, charts and diagrams. Children learn singing, eurhythmics, drill, nursery rhymes and correct intonation in speech. They not only recognize alphabet and numbers but read and write before they go on to the next level.

The Primary School includes classes I, II and III. Here the children are gradually introduced to reading, writing, mathematics, nature study, computer education and environmental studies. A lot of emphasis is given to physical training through games, taekwondo etc. The medium of instruction is English. Hindi and Assamese are included in the curriculum as a part of language learning. Art and craft are an important part of the school routine.

Students of classes IV to VII fall under the Middle School and Secondary School. English, Social Sciences (History, Geography, Civics, and Economics), Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Mathematics and two languages (from Hindi, Sanskrit, Assamese and French) are taught. The students of Class IX are prepared to sit for the AISSE conducted by the Central Board of Secondary School, Delhi. In 2003 Maria’s Public School was upgraded to a Senior Secondary School. In the Senior Secondary level the students are offered Science, Humanities and Commerce courses according to CBSE guidelines. Maria’s Public School is registered and affiliated to the CBSE.

The school’s affiliation no. is 230037.

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