~ Maria's Annual Events ~
  • Mafizuddin Ahmed Hazarika(MAH) Literary Award (Intra & Inter-School)

    This is inter-school literary competition organised during the month of August every year in the memory of Mafizuddin Ahmed Hazarika, the Gyanmalini Kobi. English and Assamese creative writing and recitation competitions are held among school students and budding literary talents are recognised and awarded in this event.

  • MMUN (Intra & Inter-School)

    Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, consensus building, team work, speaking skill and the working of the United Nations. Reputed schools around the globe including India, organise the MUN regularly. Maria’s Public school organised Maria’s Model United Nations (MMUN), the first ever in the city, from May 7 to May 9, 2015 with an encouraging response from leading schools in Guwahati. For more info - visit Maria's MUN Website

  • Vibrartions (Intra school)

    An annual cultural fest, Vibrations is a musical, dramatics, robotics and quizzical extravaganza where competitions are held among the students. Children represent their houses in the competitions are parts of Vibrations where individual talents are recognised.

  • Maths Mela (Intra school)

    Children have fun with maths in this annual event. They create their own fun games using maths formulae and equations. The festival helps to cast off the general inhibition that the children have for maths.

  • Science Exhibition (Intra & Inter-school)

    Through this event children showcase their scientific skills by making various models. This helps them to understand the application of scientific theories in practical usage.

  • Scholarship Examinations (Intra School)

    The school offers scholarships to meritious students who are identified through a scholarship exam. Students scoring marks with an aggregate of 75% are eligible to appear in the exam. Besides this the school also confers sports scholarship to the sportsmen with extraordinary sporting talent.

  • Asset Exam

    The Asset examination, conducted by is not a regular exam but a tool to measure the strength and weakness of the students in different areas of academics. They can work in the problem areas once they know their drawbacks. Tests are taken in Mathematics, English and Science based on the question papers that are prepared from the syllabus.

  • Spell Bee

    This is a language development programme which comprises learning with fun and encourages healthy competition keeping in mind the ‘new age pupil’. The programme is aimed at helping students improve spelling skills, increase vocabulary, develop communication skills, grasp concepts and correct pronunciations. The Spell Bee helps children build strong, healthy, cheerful, enthusiastic , self confident minds for their all round development.

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