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“We are the immigrants in this digital age and our children are its natives,” said Mrs. Loya Agarwala, the renowned counselor while conducting a session on “Importance of counselling in the educators of today”, at the Mafizuddin Ahmed Hazarika Library at Maria’s Public School on June 26, 2015. She observed that children have become more complicated as the years have gone by. It has become pertinent for both parents and teachers to play a pivotal role in the lives of the children who are completely confused with their natural changes of adolescence as well as the changes in the environment. She enlightened the teachers of Maria’s on the topic and said that every teacher must understand the psyche of each of the children and must not ignore the warning signals.

Mrs Agarwala came to the school at the invitation of Mrs Nellie Ahmed Tanweer, Founder and Managing Trustee, Maria’s Public School as a part of the Orientation Programme for the teachers. The next session was conducted by Mrs Anuradha Hussain of Maria’s Finishing School. She dealt with the nuances of etiquette and general hygiene. She spoke on the issues and said that it is important for the teachers to be well groomed and well mannered as they are the role models of the students and they look up to the teachers in every step of their growth.

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