World Earth Day was celebrated on the 19th of April, 2017 in the premises of Maria’s Public School.

The day was a reminder to all to take constant care of the very planet we live in. Humanity has, by their inhuman actions, put the Earth on the path of peril and this day reminds us that there is much to be done if we want our generations to enjoy their lives on this planet.

The day began with the inspiring words of our principal Mrs. Alpana K Phukan which helped us realize our faults and how to tackle them. It was followed by a set of speeches delivered by the students of Classes XI and XII on the necessity of creating a sustainable earth. A skit followed this performed by the students of Class X which had a deep impact on all our hearts. Later in the classrooms, the activities of this eventful day began. It started with the students of Classes VIII and IX portraying and expressing their imaginative ideas on paper in the form of art. All the art pieces seemed creative and colorful in their own unique way.

All was not over though; a special activity was included in this already eventful day. Students were asked to design T-Shirts corresponding to the theme for the day. The designs were fit to be in market. Such was the creativity of the students. They were also asked to showcase their creations by wearing them for the day, showing support for conservation and further emphasizing the significance of this day.

Earth Day Celebrations and related programmes on conservation of nature at Maria’s Public School always instill a will to conserve in everyone’s heart- from the teachers to the students. This Earth Day again we all learned something new and had fun while doing so. Events like such will always be of constant importance in our school, activities will happen again and the message to protect this planet will be kept on being delivered till it reaches all and sundry.

-Sayantan Chaudhuri

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