The 26th Founder’s Day of Maria’s Public School was celebrated with much enthusiasm and zest on September 27, 2016.
In the Primary section the children of classes I, II and III celebrated the day with ‘Care and Share’ initiative. They contributed Rs 10 each from their pocket money to buy fruits, eatables like cornflakes, milk, dahlia, flattened rice, biscuits, oats, rice, flour etc. These were taken to the old age home Amar Ghar, Pathar Quarry to distribute among the inmates of the home. The children interacted with them and were blessed by the elderly inmates. They came back understanding that showing kindness, love and care is very important for everyone.
The children of class IV and V were taken to Birkuchi Prathamik Vidyalay as a part of the ‘Share and Care’ initiative. Some stationary items purchased with the money donated by the children were taken to be distributed among the children of the Vidyalay. There was a special assembly with children of both the schools taking part while a teacher from Maria’s Public School spoke on the occasion. The children of Maria’s interacted with the students of the Vidyalay and learnt a few things about sharing, caring and understanding with fellow humans - some emotions which seem amiss in the children of the digital era.

In the Forest Gate branch, Founder's Day celebrations began with the ushering in of the Managing Trustee with the birthday song. She congratulated the teachers and students on receiving the 3rd position in the Global Education Award. She also asked everyone to live up to the expectations and move ahead. A group of students accompanied by the teachers visited the Ambikagiri Memorial Old Age Home, Amar Ghar at Patharquary and entertained the elderly people with a few songs and a classical dance. The children then offered a basket of fruits and a casserole to the elderly people. The chairman of the organization, Ms. Jugabrata Durga, in her speech, advised the students to take care and love their own grandparents in the same way as they had shown there and never leave them alone. It was a very touching moment to talk to a few elderly people and share their experiences in a new family---Amar Ghar. The inmates wished that the children pay frequent visits.
Next the children and the teachers visited Saraswati Bagdhwani, a deaf and dumb school at Noonmati. The students of Saraswati Bagdhwani along with the students of Maria's Public School cut the ceremonial cake. All the students of the school were given cakes and books were donated for the school library. The students and teachers of both the schools interacted with each other. It was a wonderful gesture of the students of Saraswati Bagdhwani to sing the State Song – ‘O’ Mur Apunar Desh’.

The celebration continued in the secondary and senior secondary sections of the school in the Birkuchi campus. The Managing Trustee was ushered in by the Principal amidst the reverberation of “Happy Birthday” as the day coincides with the birthday of the Founder. Minutes after she arrived, she announced yet another news of jubilation - of the school achieving the third rank among the co-ed day schools in Guwahati as well as Assam. The programmes in this section began with a special prayer by Mercy Alex, the counselor of the school. The Principal spoke about the school’s ethos and the exemplary leadership of the Managing Trustee. She said, “When ‘Learning Beyond Classroom’ is gathering momentum as the 21st Century Education all over the globe today, the school envisaged it in the 20th Century. When Inclusive Education was unheard of way back in the 8o’s Maria’s took in Sarwar Hannan and Kaveri Hazarika, children with hearing impairment and provided to them the best of education and teachers.”
A thematic dance performance by Rupali Panda, a trained Kathak dancer and a student of Class XI, made the audience spellbound as it spoke of a person’s triumph over personal grief and continue with life’s journey towards the ultimate bliss. The stage was then taken over by Bibhas Das for a soulful rendition. Amidst roaring applauses, Mausumi Mahanta, HOD, History and compere of the show announced the next programme in the agenda, a walk down memory lane by Shahnaz Rahman, HOD, Geography, who has been in the school right from its inception. She spoke on some memorable incidents and milestones of the school’s history. A wave of nostalgic air took most of the teachers to the days of yore when each one worked with sincere dedication and gripping zeal in the making of a greater Marian family which stands as an extraordinary seat of learning today.
The yearning for the lost tenderness of a mother came alive in the fusion dance performance by Jagriti Barua, which was the next item in the schedule. Following this the Managing Trustee was invited to the dias to address the gathering. Through her infectious exuberance and ever charming persona the Managing Trustee expressed her joy over the celebrations and urged the students to be honest and simple and abide by the motto of the school, ‘Truth, Determination and Perseverance.’ She advised the children to be honest even in the face of adversity and said that she has never deviated from the path of honesty even when she had to confront with dishonesty and corruption. Honesty, simplicity and humility have given her an unwavering strength to chase her dreams and emerge successful, she said. It was a touching moment when all the sub-staff came to the stage to wish her with a tiny bouquet wrapped up with love, gratitude and sincere dedication. A chorus presented by the ever dynamic teachers of Maria’s made each one hum with the song. Thereafter the Vice Principal took the stage to deliver a few words of gratitude and spoke more about the humanness of the Managing Trustee. The programme came to an end with the teachers and students singing the school song.

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