~ General Rules ~


Students are expected to be present in school on all working days as per the dates given in the calendar. It is mandatory to attend all the classes as laid out in the time-table.
Once the student is inside the school campus, he or she is not allowed to leave without proper permission granted by the head of the institution. Leave for half day etc is not encouraged.
If a student is absent from school, the reason of her or his absence must be recorded in the relevant section of the school diary and shown to the class teacher. The parents or guardians must sign this entry.
If a student is absent for four or more days because of illness, a medical certificate should be produced.
A student suffering from contagious diseases like measles, chicken pox, mumps etc must not be sent to school till the quarantine period is over.
The name of the student who remains absent for three months or more at a stretch without information, will be struck off and a re-admission will have to be done.
Repeated absence without leave application or unexplained absence is discouraged and minimum 80% attendance is compulsory to appear in the session ending assessment. If a student remains absent in any of the exams he or she should have to appear in a retest.


A student must reach school on time, i.e. by 8.15 am. The gate will close at 8.20 am. After 8.20am he or she will be marked late and if the student is late for three days in a month, he or she will be suspended for a day. No student will be allowed entry into the campus after 8.30am.


The students should attend school in proper school uniform, polished shoes and be neatly dressed at all times. During parent-teacher meets the student must come in the formal school uniform or Friday-Saturday uniform. The Friday and Saturday uniforms must not be mismatched with the formal uniform. The parents are requested to purchase the school uniform from the school shop so that there may not be any dissimilarity in colour, stitch etc. The identity card must be worn by students at all times when in school.

Haircut, nail, make-up & ornaments:

Boys are not allowed to have long or fancy hairdos.
Girls with long hair must tie and pin up their hair.
Boys must not grow a beard and wear earrings.
Both boys and girls must keep their nails short and clean without any nail enamel.
Make-up, kajal, hair colouring, lipstick, body tattoos are not permitted.
No student is allowed to wear danglers, hoops, bangles, anklets, chains, fancy finger rings etc. However girls can wear small and simple studs.

Study materials & personal belongings:

The students must bring their diary everyday to the school.
Students must take care of their own belongings.
The text books and exercise books must be covered with brown paper and labelled. No unnecessary scribbling or sketching is allowed. Neatness and tidiness are appreciated.
Belongings such as bags, water bottles, pencil boxes, cardigans should be marked for easy identification.
No student is allowed to bring valuable items like mobile phones, pen-drives, cameras, expensive play-things etc. to the school without prior permission. If found, the object may be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 500 or more may be charged.


A child learns the nuances of a good human being in school as well as at home. So the following principles must be followed to build a strong, pleasant and dignified personality.
Students should display respect and courtesy towards all – the institution head, in-charges, teachers, staff, sub-staff and fellow school mates - junior and senior alike.
Disrespect and disobedience may lead to serious disciplinary action involving suspension or even expulsion.
Movement about the school should be brisk, quiet and orderly. Students are expected to be in stipulated locations except for special permission.
Stealing, misusing others’ property, borrowing without permission may lead to disciplinary actions.
Students are not allowed to drive their own vehicles (cars, motor-cycles etc) to the school even after attainment of legal age for driving.
Substance abuse and intoxication are the gravest offences and might lead to most severe disciplinary action.
Chewing gum, supari, tobacco and smoking are strictly prohibited.
Inappropriate use of language is considered as an offence.
Bullying, teasing, harassing and ragging, sloganeering and signature campaigns without the permission of the school authority are strictly prohibited.
Any kind of abuse – verbal or physical, is considered as an offence.
Littering and breakage or damage of school property may lead to imposition of fine.
Inappropriate use of the social networking sites to malign the school or others’ names may lead to strict disciplinary measures.
Library rules should be strictly followed while in library. However students are barred from conversing in high-pitched voices, whistling, shouting and screaming.
Students are always expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate socially – on or off the school campus.
Students are urged to ponder – “There is a very thin line between smartness and rudeness, proactive and aggressive, arrogance and high self esteem”.

PDA - Public Display of Affection:

Public display of intimacy is not allowed. This includes all forms of physical closeness.

Language of communication:

The language of communication is strictly English except with the sub-staff.


Students should travel by the buses allotted to them. Guardians may avail the Route Alert System. Misconduct in the buses may lead to withdrawal of the bus facility.

Cyber safety:

While the new-age technology has given a lot of opportunities to be well equipped with knowledge and to socialise, it has also brought in numerous problems which might be devastating. Students are advised to be safe, be alert and aware that new laws have been passed due to increase in cyber crimes. They are advised to communicate with guardians and teachers if any such situation arises. Some sites that help to make good choices to be cyber safe are:


Disciplinary measures:

Maria’s Public School believes that discipline moulds a person to perfection. But it is against corporal punishment and mental abuse. So the following measures are taken to reprimand misconduct.
Reflective writing
Verbal warning
Written warning
Exclusion from class and school activities
Withholding TC or character certificate>
Withdrawal of the school bus facility

The school authority reserves the right to take any of the above mentioned actions if need be.

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