~ Inclusive Education - Education for Special Children ~

Maria's Public School has started a novel venture of introducing, helping, monitoring and thus leading some special children into the mainstream. These special children include cases of mild to moderate mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, hyperactive attention deficit disorders and hearing impaired. Special care is taken by specialised teachers to help these children cope in a world where others are more privileged. The school provides a psychological counsellor who along with the coordinator and a support team interacts with respective class teachers and concerned parents. The special needs of the individual child are looked into with tailor made designs in activity based learning. Support from the peer group, constant guidance and enthusiasm have helped these children mingle with the mainstream. After class VIII these children are encouraged to join the National Open School.

The following subjects are taught from Class IV to Class VIII -

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies
  5. Assamese
  6. Hindi
  7. Computer Science
  8. Taekwondo
  9. Yoga
  10. Sports
  11. Art and Craft
  12. Music
  13. Dance
  14. Story Telling

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