The Maria's Braveheart Venture was founded by Nellie Ahmed Tanweer to design a form of environmental facility as the most appropriate means to make biodiversity education available for schools and universities in India. The strategy includes workshop for students in implementing biodiversity education to energize young minds and stimulate the quest for discovery as a part of every student's academic experience while travelling outside the confinement of school boundaries to unfamiliar lands. Our programmes help students understand the importance of natural resources, develop values, scientific skills such as sky vision, inventorying and monitoring the bio-resources while developing ecoconsciousness in our facility located at Gailpur, Rajasthan.

Being the 21st Century Educators for more than 25 years, we have learned that the nature & wilderness can be the best classrooms. We have found that an outdoor adventure, with excellent leaders and peers, can be the most defining and positive experience in a student's life, the 'Bravehearts of tomorrow'. 'The Maria's Braveheart-Northeast Eco Camp' offers programs to all types of schools, colleges, and universities. From team building events and adventure camps to specialist surveys, media studies in photography & film making, we can arrange the perfect outdoor activity programmed to suit you. Community learning with surveys and documentation of the village life, agriculture, geography, anthropology, social interaction, and the students get to explore and learn from the mundane aspects of life, away from the concrete.
We understand that each institution & organization is unique, so we tailor make our packages to suit your student's needs.


I would like to share my experience during the Rajasthan Educational trip.

The Rajasthan trip was very nice. The nice thing about it for me was that it was different from any other trips because it had everything starting from bird watching, bug watching, bat watching, excursion to different historical places which I have always enjoyed, trekking, visit to village areas and the visit to a Madrassa school which was the best part for me. All these activities had an enriching educative value in different forms. The best part was the assignments of making the charts for daily presentation. Now I understand why Sir had given us only an hour to work on them. It really brought out the best in each one of us.

I learned a lot from this trip. When I went to the Madrassa school and saw the kids so eager to learn and so happy to go to school, I was really mesmerized. This visit to Madrasa school was one of the best parts for me in the entire trip as I always love kids. We also got to know about the village life when we visited the Sarpanch's/Headman's house. We got to know about the lifestyle of the villagers, their daily struggles, their income sources etc. I was really happy to visit the Alwar Fort/Bala Quila and different monuments as I always enjoy learning about history and ancient India. I was really happy and enjoyed when we went for bird, bug and bat watching because it gave me a wider look towards the flora and fauna. I was really happy when we visited Pinky Ji's home and saw her working and earning money, maintaining her home in such a good manner and also taking care of her lovely children. She is really a super woman.

I really enjoyed the camel ride. It was indeed a fun ride. I thoroughly enjoyed the Astronomy session with Mr. Sam Gibbs and the pottery session with the Potter (Harry Potter!) but another enjoyable part of the trip was the late night dance when the boys were asleep. The teachers (Ma'ams), took great care of all of us all throughout the trip. I really enjoyed making charts along with my friends for the competition and winning the Maria's Braveheart Gold medal and enjoyed working with the GPS device and those huge cameras and lenses. Thanks to Sir again!

I learned a lot of things from this trip. I learned to adapt myself to any situation. I also made lot of new friends. I learned to manage myself, came to know what is team spirit and learnt how to work as a team and work hard to make the team win in any type of competition. For me the best part of the trip was when we were given the Cap and T-shirt of the Maria's Braveheart Camp and when our group was adjudged the Best Team of 2015. I was really very happy. I went to many trips like NASA USA etc., but this RAJASTHAN trip was different because this was the trip where I enjoyed the most and I will never forget this in my entire life-time. I have learnt a lot and am a new person now.

A team of four students and the Creative Director Mr. Biswajit De of Maria’s Public School had attended the 7th Chinh International Kid's Film Festival organized by the Delhi-based organization, "Chinh India" at NPS International School, Guwahati from 24th to 26th of November, 2015. I, Roselyn Rongpi, along with three of my schoolmates, Syed Haaris Mahmood, Yash Khatuwala and Jasraj Sethi were privileged to have attended the fest which was a great learning experience.

We had wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with some of the most prominent film-makers, photographers and media personalities from Russia, Sweden and Italy and had participated in the Master Class workshops, conducted by them. We watched many short films during the festival, 'Bounce', 'Children of Conflict', 'The Bird', 'Heer' and 'Marya', which were made by some of the recognized contemporary film makers, from India and abroad. We were also selected as the Jury Members and were made to decide which film would win the Chinh Gold & Silver Awards. We spoke our hearts out during the Judgement Session.

Through this process, we came to know about the various aspects of film-making and could realize why regional cinema is lagging much behind in not only India, but also in countries like Russia and Italy. We attended an interactive session on the Ethics of the Social Media, conducted by Kasenia Shorokhova from Russia, which was nothing short of an inferno by itself, and a workshop on the Use of Color in Photography which was conducted by Italian Photographer, Barbara de Maio. In a photography competition that followed, based on the topic "Hope", Jasraj's photograph was selected to be the Best Photograph of the Day by her.

The Panel of Delegates were impressed by our performances and we were given Medals and Participation certificates at the end of the day.

We would like to thank our Honourable Founder and Managing Trustee, Nellie Ma'am, for giving us this wonderful opportunity to go and 'Learn beyond the Classroom', explore and reach out to many. Thanks to our Principal, Alpana Ma'am for allowing us to take part in the fest and be a part of this wonderful event and Biswajit De sir, the Creative Director of our school, for mentoring us throughout the programme.

We aspire to participate in more such events where we really get a chance to showcase our talents, rise up and make a mark from the crowd. We are after all...Marian's!

Report prepared and read out during the morning assembly on 1.12.2015

- by Roselyn Rongpi, Class-X