SHOWERING LOVE : Community Connection

On the 11th of November, Devraj Kumar, Manpreet Kaur, Tanim Mozumder and Upasana Patgiri, students of Maria’s Public School accompanied by the teachers, Arnavi Chakraborty and Aparna Khanikar, visited Noonmati Shishu Kendra for community service on the occasion of Children’s Day.

The day started with the purchase of 10 kg of potatoes from the market nearby the school. After that, we went to the Vishal Mega Mart to get the rest of the items required. We selected 11 pairs of shoes in various sizes and bought socks to be given with the shoes. Then we moved on to the food corner to buy what we children love the most - chips, chocolates and the all-time favourite Little Hearts biscuits. In the end, we got a ball for the youngest of the children to be visited by us with a hope that they would all enjoy together with it. And we were very happy that we got a dry iron free of cost because of the ongoing offer.

What is Children’s day without a cake? So, we went to Repose Bakery to get a delicious Black Forest cake, with the message of love from the Marian Fraternity. The fund that was used to get the gifts for the lesser privileged children was collected from the student community of the school. Finally, with all the shopping done, we went to visit the children, to spend some time with them and distribute the gifts and love that we brought from the hearts of every student of Maria’s Public School.

We started with the shoes and it was a great joy to watch them try on the new socks and shoes with big smiles on their faces. We gave them the rest of the gifts that we brought along and enquired about their studies. Then we cut the cake together and shared it amongst all present. The day ended with big smiles of contentment on our faces. It was a very enriching and lovely experience to spend time with them. And thus wishing each other luck for future endeavours we departed with heavy hearts but with heavenly pleasure.

As a part of its Community Service programme, Maria's Public School has donated a huge collection of food items to the flood affected people of Mayong and Pobitora.