~ Nature as Our Classroom ~

organized by Green Hub & North East Network
By- SayantanChaudhuri and Upasana Patgiri
On the 11th of May 2018, a team of 17 students from classes VIII to XII accompanied by Biswajit De Sir and Sushmita Chakraborty Ma’am trail blazed to Tezpur University to attend the ‘Green Hub Festival’ held there annually. It is organised by Green Hub-a sub project of North East Network, in partnership with Dusty foot Productions. This was not just a field trip but an attempt to cultivate the students to become future environmental stewards of the country. We were picked up in a comfortable bus from Nilachal house and as soon as everyone joined in, off we went. On arriving at the university campus we were awestruck by its sight. We had not imagined it to look like that, so beautiful and full of trees! Needless to say, we were impressed; more so because it is an eco-friendly campus and everyone went around riding their bicycles. We walked our way to the KBR auditorium and seated ourselves comfortably.
We arrived just in time for the Panel Discussion on wildlife rescue with a team from Green Guard Nature Organisation in which environmentalists and conservationists like Rituraj Phukan and Ranjan Borthakur shared their experiences and stories in the field of conservation. This provided an insight into their thrilling lives and made us want to rescue an animal or two ourselves. Next a beautiful short film made by a member of Green Hub was screened and we were also entertained by a Garo song that he sang for us. Conservation is not just about rescuing animals and planting trees but it can be also expressed through art, illustrations and photos. This was explained to us by a renowned wildlife illustrator Pooja Gupta, who likes to spend most of her time getting inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Making the Water Pledge during the Programme.

It was then our school’s turn to give a presentation. We along with Biswajit Sir and Sushmita Ma’am gave a brief, informative presentation on the ‘Role of Private Educational Institutions in inspiring youth towards Environmental Conservation’ giving the audience an insight into what our school has been doing for conservation and conservation education. Our presentation was followed by a talk on ‘Ending Plastic Pollution’ by Rituraj Phukan and it showed us few ways to avoid the use of nature’s greatest enemy-Plastic.

With this the festival came to an end for the day and we returned home having learnt a lot.

Marians bag prizes at Sanctuaryasia Kids for Tigers: Tiger Fest, 2016
A group of students of the school accompanied by teachers Mr Biswajit De and Ms Kalyani Chaubey participated at the Sanctuaryasia Kids for Tigers: Tiger Fest, 2016, a national event, celebrated across the country, at Royal Global School, Guwahati to celebrate the Earth Day 2016. Students had an enriching experience meeting the Founder Editor of Sanctuaryasia, Mr. Bittu Randhir Sahgal for the first time. As a part of the event, Marians had also participated in various inter-school competitive events where they have won prizes.

The prizes are:

First prize in Face Painting Competition by srudents Pratyashee Mahanta and Mouparna Barai, ace artists from class 10. Their Art was highly appreciated by Mr.Sahgal. Aanisha Hazarika and Ashrut Konwar also won the third rize in the same category. Second prize in the 'Song for the Earth' Competition.
Biswajit De, teacher and Creative Director and HOD, Deptt of Graphic Design, Visual Arts & Media of the school bagged the Sanctuaryasia Green Teacher Award, 2016 given away by Mr.Bittu Sahgal for Exceptional Contribution to Conservation Education. Mr De along with teacher Ms Kalyani Chaubey had also attended a Teacher's Conservation Leadership workshop conducted by Debojit Saikia, Professor of Environmental Science, NEHU.

Citizen Science programme at Amchang Wild Life Sanctuary – December 7-10, 2015.

Striving to bring the students of the school close to nature, this programme combined Survey-based field trip on Biodiversity Awareness and Nature Photography at the Amchang Wild Life Sanctaury, Guwahati, Assam, India.

Interaction and interviewing the officials of the Forest Dept. of Assam, Guwahati Wild Life Division constituted the first phase of the activities, where the students of Class-8, Session 2015-2016, asked them various questions regarding the wildlife of the Amchang WLS and filled up a questionnaire prepared by them, as a part of the regular curriculum.

Nature Photography was a part of the programme where the students got to learn techniques of Macro Photography. The students were able to develop their observation skills and abilities to identify and appreciate the different patterns and textures that exist in nature. Nature Photography is an interesting activity through which the students could easily be taught simple concepts about conservation.

The students also got to learn the basics of survey techniques, and the use of GPS Devices and their use in creating trail maps using waypoints.

They learnt the use of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) in the form of Mobile & Tab Applications and to use them in the identification of the various species of animals and plants that they came across during the 'field trip'.

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