Adventure trek to celebrate Biodiversity Day

Early morning on 21st May, 2016 a few students under the guidance of Sushmita Ma’am headed for an adventure trek to the Nilachal Hills on account of International Biodiversity Day on 22nd May’16 organized by Eco Concept. We all were introduced to our fellow trek mates who were from Axel Public School. We also got the opportunity to meet one of the living encyclopedia of Botany Mr. Gojen Sharma – Professor of Botany Department, Gauhati University. Our trip was ushered by one of the faculty members of Eco Concept Mr. Nilupaul Das.

After the introduction, we all were divided into various teams. Our task was to collect some climbers, find edible fruits and vegetables within the jungle and claim a most unique observation. And then, finally our trekking. Since, it was raining all day long, we had a difficult time relating our balance on the slippery rocks. There was a varied assortments of tress, insects, flowers and we got a great opportunity to see many spiders. The peak point of our trip was an old temple which was located at the top of the hill where we sat down and were allotted different assignments. All the groups had to present a chart on Biodiversity, a food web and self-composed song about nature. All presentations were brilliant and a lot of appreciation was received. There were many prizes for different categories. Pratiksha Bora (Class-X-A) received a medal for being the best group leader. Yash Khatuwala (Class-X-B) for the most active participant and Antara Hazarika (Class-X-B) received a medal for her best contribution in the team.

We were handed over a sum of Rs 1000 to organize an event in our school based on interaction with other students about what we had learnt throughout the trek. It was around 3:30 p.m., we reached downhill as we ended a memorable and enriching adventure. “Learning beyond the classroom”—the vision of our school, turned into a fact that day. We really did learn so much more than usually learn from our textbooks.

We would like to thank our Founder & Managing Trustee, Nellie Ma’am for incorporating this great vision “Nature and our classroom” into our curriculum. We would like to thank Alpana Ma’am and Anjan Sir for giving us this opportunity, Eco-Concept for arranging this trip, Gojen Sir for enlightening us with his knowledge, Nilotpul Sir for guiding us every moment and Sushmita Ma’am for being a mother-figure.

Shibarshisha Barua
Class: IX
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