Annual Prize Day organised at Maria’s Public School

Guwahati, May 9: The Annual Prize Day of Maria’s Public School for the academic year 2015-16 was organised by the school on May 6, 2016 at the Birkuchi, Narengi campus. A huge assortment of prizes were given away on the day in appreciation of the achievement of the students in different disciplines. Along with four academic scholarships, namely, Sofia Z Ahmed, Nellie Ahmed Tanweer, Manimala Das and Kelkar Award, sports scholarships were also presented to three students who have been creating ripples in the national as well as international sports arena. Besides these, the winner of the annual Kaushik Dev Choudhury Memorial Art Competition, students with extraordinary performances in the fields of sports and cultural activities, avid readers, class and section toppers, the highest scorer amongst the differently abled students, teachers and students with hundred percent attendance records were also awarded in the function.

Mr Sanjib Das, Regional Officer, CBSE, Guwahati attended the occasion as the Chief Guest. In his inspirational address Mr Das stressed on the importance of plan, strategy and time management to pursue dreams and scale greater heights. The Founder and Managing Trustee of the school, Mrs Nellie Ahmed Tanweer advised the students to be humble and said that humility is essential not only to form a respectable personality but also to be a good leader. She also said that the ability to accept failure and build resilience and determination out of the failure would bring in success.


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