Marians at the SAF Games 2016 inaugural ceremony

The New Year brought in another occasion for jubilation in Maria’s. To take part in the inaugural function of the 12th South Asian Games, 2016 was no mean feat. The announcement itself generated an air of gusto, all vying for a chance to be a part of the international event taking place in the city. But the job demanded not only enthusiasm but also sturdiness to go through the rigorous practice sessions. The children who opted for the SAF Games inauguration started their rehearsals guided by the choreographers on January 20, 2016. Altogether 328 students registered for various programmes of the cultural and digital show. Excitement was writ large on the students as well as teachers in-charge. While the first chunk of the rehearsals commenced in the ASEB field near the Birkuchi campus of the school, from the 1st of February to the 4th the students practised in the Sarusajai Stadium. From about 9 in the morning the rehearsals continued up to 10 O’ clock at night during the last few days. The Marians amazed the choreographers and event managers toiling hard and braving the cold waves and sometimes the bright February sun. “Yours is a bunch of awesome kids,” the chief of the event management group commented one day . The 5th of February was the D-Day and obviously it was a perfect show. The Marians once again proved that come what may, they are the ultimate show-stoppers.
Closely observing and looking into every detail of the practice sessions and the final performance, the Founder and Managing Trustee, Mrs Nellie Ahmed Tanweer said, “The students have shown grit, determination and perseverance fulfilling the school motto. It is a matter of immense pride that Maria’s was the only school in India which had been selected to take part in the inaugural ceremony in Guwahati on February 5, 2016. Now that our children have proved their resilience and competence, we can say with conviction that we are grooming them on the right track.” Lead by her, the Principal Mrs Alpana Khound Phukan, the Vice Principal Mr Anjan Gogoi and the coordinators, Mrs Mausumi Mahanta and Mrs Aparna Khanikar looked into every aspect of the assignment. A host of teachers worked relentlessly putting the Marian cause in front and leaving everything else behind. The presence of the Managing Trustee, the Principal and the Vice Principal till the retreat of the last bus from the Stadium every night was a testimony to the Marian bonding and integrity.

That was only one side of the picture. Back home, the parents of the children too equally cooperated with the students as well as the school without any complaints about the odd hours of their wards’ return after gruelling practices. While congratulating the parents for the children’s resplendent show, the Managing Trustee also thanked them for supporting and cooperating with their children’s uphill task. She added that this has given them an exposure to perform in an international platform and they have learnt innumerable lessons from it. True to the words of the Managing Trustee, the lessons derived from this experience were priceless. Right from commitment, time management and poise to multi-tasking competence – the children received the flavor of all details that makes a perfect show. Above all, they witnessed how a big show is prepared meticulously days ahead of the scheduled time. Indeed, it was a ‘life-time experience’, as all of them unanimously agree.

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