~ Summer Camp held at MPS , 2015 ~

Summer Camp, 2015-16 was organized from June 23 to June 27, 2015 at Maria’s Public School primary section. A large number of children from classes I to V participated in the camp. They were taught different crafts according to their age group. The crafts included thumb and finger printing and paper folding. They also learnt making of decoupage, wind-chimes, paper fans and decorative boxes. A project was initiated to plant saplings in plastic bottles to sensitize the children about a green environment. The planted saplings were taken home by the children.

They even picked up cooking skills by learning to cook Flameless Wonders. They had a wonderful time baking double-decker surprise pasta salad, cake and cream trifle and cream and biscuit pudding. Eating the delicacies was great fun for the children.

The children also spent an entire day learning maths tricks which make doing maths easier and entertaining.The children were also given nutritive food as refreshment on all days.

All in all, the camp turned out to be a huge success.

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