~ SUMMER CAMP, 2016 ~

The summer camp 2016 of Maria’s Public School started for class I to V from the 23rd of June to 28th of June with a big bang in the school premises.

The first day started with a short assembly conducted by Aradhana Ma’am. The children were excited as they could come in their coloured dresses.

On the first day, the children were taught different craft work like hanging butterflies on strings (Feng Sui), thumb print, sunflower-pad, tambourine and dance. On the second day, they were taught creative writing, creative craft (lady bird, cutting and pasting) and dance.

On the third day, they were taught to make flameless wonders where they learnt to prepare delicious food like biscuit pudding, Jhaal muri, macaroni salad, fruit salad.

On the fourth day, they were taught interesting mathematical tricks to solve two digits’ multiplication in the short method, prime numbers, odd, even etc.

On the last day, the session ended with a celebration dance and a wonderful story telling in Hindi and English.

Everyday, nutritious food was provided which the children enjoyed thoroughly. The children participated in each and every activity whole-heartedly and learnt to make better use of waste materials. The camp also helped them to learn team-work, sharing, co-operation and helping one another.


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